Cancer compatibility

Lots of passion is involved but in different way, the common point is the cardinal quality. Both will help each other to grow. Aries love to fight and protect for their love, with this qualities Cancer will feel safe. Able to bring out the best in each other , one's weakness is another strong point Cancer will teach how to be gentle and Aries will teach how to be tough.

Home-loving and affectionate buddies together will create happy home life atmosphere. Cancer will melt in affection of Taurus , whereas Taurus will devote the understanding of Cancer. Together they create a strong bond that will sustain for long term. Taurus possessiveness will be enjoyed by Cancer and might even secretly consider that they belong to them.

Cancer and Gemini will be considered the most cute and charming childlike couple of zodiac, the level of fun and laughter will be higher. Gemini's are sharply intellect whereas Cancer are innocently naive, Gemini deals with duality and Cancer is also moody creature, both are adaptable and flexible easily with change and situations. 

This will be like gentleness meets the another gentleness, they will speak out emotionally to each other, telepathy will play a huge role. The demands will be fulfilled even before it is asked for it. They can both sustain a long-term commitment and will do anything to keep it that way. Physically and mentally they are just like one soul with two bodies. 

Leo will be impressed by Cancers devotion to them  and Cancer will be swept of their feet by Leo's romantic gestures. The Sun and Moon together , both are capable of giving light. Leos follow their hearts and Cancer follow their emotions together romance will fly high in this relationship. Cancer will respect Leo and in return Leo will treat Cancer royally.

Most down-to-earth and soft couple who doesn't need attention, and prefer doing their work at their own pace. They  support and taking care of one another  naturally. Cancer is a water sign and pairs well with Virgo, which is an earth sign so earth channels the water and gives them a shape. Virgo will give acute attentions to desires of Cancer.

Cancerians and Librans love to live their life in peace and harmony because they comes from cardinal family. These two can complement each other very well,  with some adjustments. Both of them agrees to the term love comes first, followed by money. Librans listening skills and diplomatic nature will please the Cancer to express their emotions.

The water sign compatibility turn  up the heat with passion, dedication and intense love. Whatever Cancerian looking for in their partners Scorpion comes to them as complete package with bonus benefits all profits vice versa with Scorpions too. Both these partners will find a strong sexual attraction uniting them. Highly compatible and lasting forever.

Cancer and Sagittarius have the potential to cooperate quite successfully as a team. This fire sign can help the nervous Crab to start spreading its wings and take  more chances and risk in life which is needed. Sagittarius flatters how Cancer nurtures them with love. Sagittarius cultivate great sense of humor and philosophy of wisdom which will help cancer to grow positively.

The term opposite attract applies to this duo, just as how earth needed water to survive. The relationship between Capricorn and Cancer will be mature and committed in short they are called mother and father of zodiac.The beauty of opposite signs is that they can perfectly balance each other, or give up midway because of the differences.

The social thinker with social healer together these two can change the world for its betterment. Aquarians  are water bearers, they are symbolically the water bearers. Great thing about this match is the support they can find in each other. Cancer and Aquarius are both resolute and ambitious, don’t mind hard work as long as it procures them success in their endeavors.

They can be very emotional, beautiful and passionate real love story. Both can adapt to almost any situation and has an excess of romance and adventure in their love life as both are in tune with each other’s needs and wants. Cancer's propensity towards hard work means that they can help Pisces to realize their dreams, in return , Pisces brings chemistry & stability  to Cancer's life. 

Cancer compatibility

Lots of passion is involved but in different way, the common point is the cardinal quality. Both will help each other to grow....